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F5.0 (8x32-pixel ) channel pointing light

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  • Brand:    HLVLED
  • Type:    HL-F5.0RG-1
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1.外接DC5-12V;(External DC5-12V.)

2.显示类型;F5.0翠绿色双色点阵;(Display type F5.0  green double color dot matrix.)

3.产品尺寸:269.5*87.5mm;(Product size;269.5x87.5mm.)

4.多种显示状态:高电平;(Multiple display status: high level.)


(Operation: the controller has buttons on it,you can choose 10 kinds of display, determine the required display direction, and then L line and 5-12V connection can be real-time display, R line and L line show the opposite direction.)

6.适用于三辊闸、摆闸、通道、转闸电梯等指向显示灯。(Apply to three roller brake, swing gate, passageway, elevator and so on.)

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